Goodbye Lucida!

Hello everybody and welcome to the Whisky Paradise,

Today I will say goodbye to my beloved font Lucida Handwriting. I used this font right from the start of this blog on November 30, last year. I chose that font because I thought it to be more personal and well, I think it looks pretty nice. But many of you have informed me that, while nice, it's hard to read sometimes, especially when you use mobile phones or other smaller equipment. Since there is no reason for me to write when my readers can't read it I have decided to follow the suggestions and have changed the font to Verdana. She's nice too though not as beautiful as Lucida! So as of now all posts will be in Verdana Bold. 
If I have a lot of extra time I will one day adjust all older posts to the Verdana Font as well. 
Anyway, I hope you will appreciate the change. Just let me know what you think in the Comments Section.

Other than that I can tell you that I've been able to secure many miniature bottles of Scotch, both Single Malts and Blends and including spirit from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the USA and Switzerland. So enough to go on at least for the coming year.   
I'm also very happy with your interest for the blog. There is a growing number of readers from Asia, more specifically from India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. But also from all other parts of the world. In the last 18 hours for instance we had visitors from France, the USA, Poland, Argentina, Denmark, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Italy. Welcome to all of you. Hope you like reading the Tasting Notes and Reviews! Just let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or whiskies you would like me to review. 

That's it for now. I wish you all a very nice weekend. Enjoy tonight with a nice dram! Cheers and see you all back tomorrow for more whisky news!


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