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Whisky and Women

Whisky and Women.

Is it my perception or are there a lot more men than women who buy and drink whisky? Which does not mean of course that there aren’t a lot of women around who enjoy the occasional dram. But lots of women seem to prefer wine or sherry. Maybe that’s because of the fact that the lower alcohol grade better combines with the female soul!

Could be! But isn’t it also a fact that there are far more men than women who smoke cigars after a fine dinner.

Let’s try to find out why that is and what can be done about it. As I said, the preference of men for Malt and cigars will surely influence their choice of whiskies. Many times their preferred Single Malt whisky will be full of smoke, tar, peat and seaweed.  Isn’t the peaty Johnnie Walker Black one of the best selling blended Scotch! During my tasting sessions of the Bowmore whiskies for instance, I got complaints from my family that my room didn’t smell very agreeable. While I on the other hand really love to nose both the Enigma 12 Y and the 18Y. We might therefore conclude that maybe a lot of women have been over-exposed to whiskies that do not combine with their nosing and tasting profile.

It would be interesting to see how they would react to the sweet whiskies from say the Scottish Speyside. Whiskies that are characterized by their bouquet of blossom and sherry and fruits. For sure women who like sweet wine and sherry would feel attracted to those whiskies. So if women would read more tasting notes and would subsequently buy the whiskies that would suite their tasting profile, they would probably review their thoughts on our noble spirit! 
So guys, next time you get your Ardbeg or Bowmore or Laphroaig and the lot, consider buying a Glenmorangie Nectar d´Or or something similar as well, thus introducing your wives and girlfriends to the Whisky Paradise!