Beatles - Revolver - Review

Album : Revolver  
Artist: Beatles
Released: 1966
Producer: George Martin
Label: Parlophone/Apple

Songs:  Taxman, Eleanor Rigby, I´m Only Sleeping, Love You Too, Here There and Everywhere, Yellow Submarine, She Said She Said, Good Day Sunshine, And Your Bird Can Sing, For No One, Doctor Robert, I Want to Tell You, Got to Get You into My life, Tomorrow Never Knows.

Type of Music: Mid Sixties Quality Pop with Psychedelic Influences.


Fans can spend months trying to decide what would be their favourite Beatles Album. And I´m sure that lots of them would give that price to Revolver. It´s true that Rubber Soul has more great songs on an individual basis. But Revolver is the most consistent Album so far and forms a perfect marriage between first rate pop songs and a new, often adventurous, production. 
There are 14 songs on Revolver and I only consider Doctor Robert to be a weak track. John & Paul wrote most of the songs while George delivers 3 of them. One of them, the opener Taxman is great while the Indian Chant Love You Too and I Want to Tell You are good. 
Psychedelic Drug induced influences are all over the place in songs like I´m Only Sleeping, She Said She Said, Tomorrow Never Knows and the already mentioned Love You Too. 
Paul is great in more conventional ballads like Here There and Everywhere and For No One. I simply love this perfect description of a love lost forever:

And in her eyes, you see nothing
No sign of life behind the tears
Cried for no one
A love that should have lasted years

The Album also contains one of the most happy Beatles moments Good Day Sunshine next to one of their most sad sounding songs, the superb Eleanor Rigby. 
I almost forgot to mention Yellow Submarine sung by Ringo. There are a lot of people who consider this to be a childish sounding song. Sorry Ringo!!!! Maybe so. But let me tell you that it is probably the most intelligent childish sounding song ever written. 
And that's Revolver. A record you want to hear over and over again. 
Sure it's influenced by Drugs and Gurus. But here that works out just fine. 

Rating: Maximum Points                          

Average  Song Quality                          6,60               10
Production/Sound Quality                     6,00               10
Do I want to hear it again soon?           7,50                10    

Who should buy this Record:  Everyone . Be sure to get a Remastered Version. 

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