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New Look

Hello Everybody and Welcome Back to Best Shot Whisky Reviews,

After a nice Holiday I'm back in Sao Paulo and write my first words for Best Shot Whisky reviews in the new outfit. It's not completely ready yet and a few adjustments will be made during the coming week. But the basic structure and new lay-out have been completed. Important changes are a.o. that you can now view an adapted version on your mobile phone and that all reviews and tasting notes have been archived in drop-down lists. The Search option is also working perfectly now. The site is also more compact and easy to read. The colouring helps for a more relaxed reading. Still, please let me know any comments, positive and negative. 

Tonight and tomorrow I will taste the Kilchoman Machir Bay 2012 and I'm really looking forward to this young and peated "farm whisky" from Islay. I will post it tomorrow afternoon.

On Friday, August 9 (19.00-22.00 hours) and Saturday August 10, 2013 (16.00-19.00) my friend Alexandre Campos who has a vast experience in the wonderful world of whiskies is organising A Taste of Scotland, a course and tasting session on premium Scotch whiskies. You can see the 5 whiskies that will be tasted on above poster. All participants will taste 25 ml of these 5 whiskies, thereby discovering the differences between the main Scottish production areas. The sessions will be held at Ciclo das Vinhas, Rua Maria Figueiredo 305, Paraiso, Sao Paulo. I can certainly recommend this. For more information please visit  

Have a nice weekend everybody. I hope you enjoy our new look and I will see you all back tomorrow for the Tasting Notes of the Kilchoman Machir Bay 2012.