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Seagram's Seven Crown Review

Country: USA
Brand: Seagram’s Seven Crown
Type: Blended American Whiskey
Age: NAS (Probably 3-4 years)
Alcohol: 40%

Colour: Golden

Nose: The harsh Alcohol does not come as a surprise anymore. Almost all young (grain) whiskies suffer from that. It’s difficult to get anything else at first. In this case unfortunately there hardly is anything of importance in the first place. After a while I get some (Charred) Wood, Vanilla, Rubber, Paint Thinner, Margarine, Maple Syrup and cheap Sweet Apricot Marmalade. You will have to Nose this dram from various angles, not forgetting the edge of the glass. In the middle of the glass you will mostly get young Wood and harsh Alcohol.

Taste: Thin and Sugary Sweet with an immediate Alcohol Attack. It tastes more like rubbing Alcohol or cheap Gin than Whiskey. In the background some toast with Margarine and the Apricot Marmalade from the Nose.

Finish: Harsh, Sugary Sweet and not at all pleasant. Thank God it’s very short!

I added a couple of drops of Water and that helps suppressing the harsh Alcohol. The Apricot and Margarine become a bit more present. The Nose certainly benefits from a few drops. On the Palate it all mellows down a bit as well. The Finish remains non-existent and off-putting. If you must drink this neat, than I advise you to add a few drops of water.

Rating: 68 

Nose: 18 – Taste: 17 – Finish: 16 – Overall: 17

General Remarks: Seagram’s Seven Crown was originally a Canadian Whisky Brand that was very popular all around the world in the late Sixties and Seventies until Vodka and Rum took over. The American Soldiers in Vietnam mixed it with Seven-Up and called it 7&7. Seagram’s beverage division was bought in 2000 by Diageo, Pernod-Ricard and Coca Cola. Today, the Seven Crown or Seven as it’s also called is blended and bottled by the Seven Crown Distilling Company, Norwalk (CT), part of the Diageo Group. It’s a Blend of American Whiskeys, a spirit produced by law in the USA from a fermented mash of Cereal Grain(s). The whiskies used in this Blend aged in new – and used charred White Oak Barrels. Oh yes, it costs around US$ 13 a bottle and the name Seven Crown refers to the seven crowns on the label!

Drinking Experience Neat: Below Average

Conclusion: Although the Nose is not really horrible once you are able to trick out the wafts of Alcohol, this whiskey is not good enough to drink neat. It does not provide any pleasure whatsoever. The American soldiers in Vietnam were right about this stuff. The only thing sensible to do is to drown it in 7-Up. Or something like that!

Jan van den Ende                                                              October 11, 2012