Whisky and Food

Whisky and Food
I think whisky is more a drink to savor than a party drink. On social occasions I prefer to drink beer or wine. Of course there's nothing wrong with drinking a nice blended whisky or straight bourbon on the rocks on a reception or party but in case you overdo it you will be sorry in the morning.
I will give you my favorite whisky moments besides the actual tasting sessions:
1- Whisky as an appetizer before lunch or dinner. A light blended whisky like Cutty Sark or a Single Malt like the Glen Grant (see the review elsewhere on the blog) with an ice cube or two are strong candidates. Light and not too sweet whiskeys from the Scottish Speyside or Irish whiskies will also do well as appetizers.
2- Whisky as after dinner drink, maybe in combination with some chocolate or fruit cake. Here you would look for sweeter Speysides or Highlands like the Glenmorangie Nectar d' Or  (see the review elsewhere on the blog).
3- In case you prefer coffee and maybe a cigar after dinner instead of the sweet stuff, I can highly recommend the Islay Single Malts like Ardbeg or Bowmore or Laphroaig (see the reviews elsewhere on the blog). Their smoky and peaty characteristics will combine perfectly here. I also had Bowmore in combination with shellfish by the way and it worked well.
4- Finally, there's that moment usually at the end of a long working day that you just sit down and relax with one of your favorite whiskies. Could be one of your comfort whiskies like Johnny Walker Black Label but I think the moment deserves a Single Malt. This is the perfect moment for reflecting on whatever is passing through your mind at that moment. Great!!
As usually all the above is nothing more than my personal opinion but maybe it gives you some guidelines for appreciating whisky.


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