Glen Grant Review

Country: Scotland
Brand: Glen Grant
Type: Single Malt Whisky
Region: Speyside
Age: Unspecified but most likely around 5 years
Alcohol: 40%

Colour: Sherry (Fino)/ Straw

Nose: Light, Grass, Lemon, Honey, Malt (Biscuits), Young Alcohol, a bit of Spice. Not unlike some German Obstler distilled from fruit. After continuous nosing the Malty/Sweet Speyside character becomes clearer.

Taste:  The delivery is malty with some sweet component I can’t define, followed by alcohol and spices. It’s close to a simple Grappa. Rough and Edgy.

Finish: Short/Middle long. Dry, Bitter, Nuts. Some Lemon/Lime in the end.

Rating: 74,5

Nose: 19,5 – Taste: 19 – Finish: 18 – Overall: 18

General Remarks:  Probably the cheapest single malt around. Very light colour when compared to your average blend or single malt but still it is said to contain caramel for additional colouring. Very strange indeed! It’s an old distillery founded in 1840. It’s extremely popular in Italy because of its light character and, surprise, was bought by the Campari Group in 2006.
I added half a teaspoon of water that brought out some floral tones in the nose and took down some of the hot harshness on the palate. This Single Malt allows a bit of water. But only a few drops!!

Drinking Experience Neat: Average

Drinking Experience On the Rocks: Good

Conclusion: Not bad on the nose but not balanced enough on the palate. Too much young alcohol. Would love to try this one after another 5 years on American oak. Still, quite reasonable as an appetiser on a warm and sunny afternoon. That’s what the Italians think at least!!!

Jan van den Ende                                                               October 9, 2011

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