Visit to the Glenkinchie and Glen Ord Distilleries (04/2010)

We welcome two guest writers to the site, Mirela and Paulo. In April last year they visited two Scottish whisky distilleries, Glenkinchie and Glen Ord and took some pictures as well. Let's quickly introduce the two distilleries:

Glen Ord
This active Highland distillery is located in Muir of Ord (Ross-Shire), not far from Inverness. It was established in 1838 and is currently owned by the Diageo Group. The distillery operates three wash stills and three spirit stills and has a 4 million liters per year capacity. It is part of the Johnny Walker Blend. The House Single Malt is the 12 Year old but Glen Ord also produces a.o. the 15, 18 and 32 year expressions. The Single Malts are usually smooth and silky with a sweet nose and are matured mainly on European Oak.

Glenkinchie Distillery
Glenkinchie is one of the very few remaining Lowland distilleries and is located in Pentcaitland (East Lothian), close to Edinburgh. Like Glen Ord, it currently belongs to the Diageo Group but was founded by John & George Rate in 1837. The active distillery has 1 wash still and 1 spirit still and has an annual production capacity of close to 2,4 million liters. Glenkinchie contributes to the Haigs blend. Its House Single Malt is the 12 Year Old but you will also find the 20 Year Expression and the Distillers Edition. The whiskies from Glenkinchie are usually light, simple and fruity with sweet Malt and herbal tones.

So here's the story of Mirela and Paulo:

In April 2010, Paulo and I went to the United Kingdom. We travelled for 10 days. Each day we were in a different city and sometimes in a different country! We only planned one day ahead, which meant we didn’t know where we were going until the last moment. Every day was a surprise! We only planned the two visits to the two distilleries, one in he Highlands and one in the Lowlands. We went to Glenkinchie (Edinburgh) and Glen Ord (Inverness). After the visits we now know a lot more about whiskies, the process of distilling, the flavors, the casks and everything. It was amazing!
At Inverness we found a whisky menu in almost every pub and of course Paulo drank almost all whiskies from the Flavor Map….In many days of course….ha ha ha ha!

Thanks a lot Mirela and Paulo for your story and your pictures! If you readers out there have some whisky story to tell or whisky pictures to share, please send me an e-mail with the details and we will post your story as soon as possible. ( 

(Pictures used with kind permission of Mirela Cristina Gradim)

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