Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River - Review

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River - 1969

Songs:  Green River, Commotion, Tombstone Shadow, Wrote a Song for Everyone, Bad Moon Rising, Lodi, Cross-Tie Walker, Sinister Purpose, The Night Time is the Right Time

The third Creedence release in 1969. And a good one again! Way too short though with only 30 minutes of music. It helps to understand how they could manage those three albums within such a short time!
No long jams on this one as well. All short and to the point 3 minute Swampy Rock songs. Some are Great. Some are not.

We have four real classics here with great hooks. I like Lodi most but Green River, Bad Moon Rising and the fast and furious Commotion are equally good.
But, and that´s the problem of all three CCR albums so far, the rest of the songs are a lot less impressive. I guess that the bluesy Tombstone Shadow and the somewhat monotonous ballad Wrote a Song for Everyone are still okay, although this last song reminds me a bit too much of The Weight, that song made famous by The Band.

And I would prefer to hear someone like Gary Moore perform the pure blues The Night Time is the Right Time. And hear, say the Stray Cats perform the Rockabilly Cross-Tie Walker. And CCR would do a better creepy song in the future (Run through the Jungle) than Sinister Purpose that sounds almost silly to me.    

So, we are not quite there yet. However, Green River is certainly another step closer towards CCR´s Finest Hour.

Rating: ******** (8 out of 10)

Black = Good Songs
Green = Great Songs
Red = Could Be Better

Who should buy this Record:  Everybody who loves John Fogerty´s Swamp Rock and wants to look (and hear) beyond a Greatest Hits Album.  

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