Inver House Green Plaid Review

Country: Scotland
Brand: Inver House Green Plaid
Type: Blended Whisky
Age: NAS (Probably 3 years)
Alcohol: 40%

Colour: Very Pale Gold

Nose: Bitter Oak, Sharp Grain Alcohol and Apple. It’s not easy to identify this as a Scottish Blend. It almost smells like a very cheap type of Calvados, the French Apple Brandy from Normandy. With patience you can find the slightest hints of Malt, Toast and Nuts.

Taste: Watery delivery. Bitter-Sweet with an immediate Alcohol Burn. Some Grain and Toffee.

Finish: Short, Sugary and Edgy with Pepper and Toffee. Not a very pleasant aftertaste.

I added a couple of drops of water and the Nose gets a bit milder. But you completely drown Taste and Finish. If you must, drink it without water, but better still, leave it alone.

Rating:  64.5  

Nose 17 – Taste 16.5 – Finish 15 – Overall 16

General Remarks: Inver House Distillers was founded in Scotland in 1964 as a subsidiary of Publicker Industries USA. After closing down in 1985 and 1986 and after a management buy out it was finally purchased in 2001 by Pacific Spirit UK, a global beverage company. In the USA the Blend is imported by Barton of Chicago. It’s very cheap at around US$ 10.

Drinking Experience Neat: Not Satisfactory

Conclusion: This is the cheapest Scottish Blend I know. And therefore you can’t expect a great dram. It doesn’t taste like lamp oil like some of the stuff that is sold in Brazil. But I can’t recommend this, not even for mixes. Dewar’s White Label comes to my mind taste wise. And that was the lowest scoring Scottish Blend in my rankings so far. Before I tasted Inver House Green Plaid that is!

Jan van den Ende                                                               August 30, 2012


Jason Debly said...

Lauder's is another blended scotch that should be banished to the toilet too!

Jan van den Ende said...

Hi Jason, Long time! I don't know Lauder's but I believe you on your word!!!