King Edgar Blended Scoth Whisky Review

Country: Scotland 
Brand: King Edgar
Type: Blended Scotch Whisky
Age: NAS (At Least 3 Years)
ABV: Unknown (My guess: 40%)
Date: 15/04/2013

Colour: Pale Straw/Light White Wine

Nose: Despite the fact that this whisky was probably bottled somewhere in the Seventies, it's still clear that it's a very young spirit. Harsh Grain Alcohol, Toasted Grain and Green Oak are the first impressions followed by light Floral tones (Grass), Wax and Lemon-Pepper. It's a very light Nose. I'm desperately searching for some additional aromas but...! Maybe a very distant hint of Green Apples or Unripe Pears. One of the weakest Noses I've encountered so far.

Palate: Unpleasant. Weak and Watery with some Sugary Sweet Artificially Lemon-Flavoured Candies, Menthol, Licorice, Grain Alcohol and Wood Spices.

Finish: Short and Candy Sweet in the beginning and Bitter towards the end with Licorice and Wood (Spices).

With some Water the Nose is reduced to harsh Alcohol while the Palate and Finish remind me of a low quality Cough Syrup. This isn't whisky anymore!

Rating: 62

Nose: 16.5 - Taste: 15 - Finish: 15  - Overall: 15.5 

General Remarks: The whisky I'm tasting today is part of a box containing six Blended Scotch Whisky samples produced somewhere between 1955 and 1980. They are all named after English and Scottish royalties. This box-set is sold by the Dutch based Rare Whisky Site ( The King Edgar is still for sale at around 75 US Dollars. The Blend was elaborated and bottled by H. Stenham Ltd with offices in London and Glasgow. This company was founded in 1953 and apparently is still active as a family business, since 1996 under the name "the Premier Scotch Whisky Company Ltd".  Scottish Dance, Grand Scot, Highland Star, Glen Rankin and Old Arthur were other Brand Names for their Blends. Judging by the colour, I don't believe colourants were added to the King Edgar. I'm sure it is non chill-filtered.

Drinking Experience Neat: Unpleasant.

Conclusion: I must base my opinion on a small 25 ml. sample. So there's always the slight possibility that something went wrong along the way. But as it is, this was a very unpleasant tasting session. The King Edgar Blended Scotch is nearly undrinkable when you sip it neat and does not even qualify as a mixing Alcohol in my opinion. A waste of money!

Jan van den Ende                                                                           April 2013

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