Queen of Scotland Red Label Blended Scotch Whisky Review

Country: Scotland 
Brand: Queen of Scotland Red Label
Type: Blended Scotch Whisky
Age: NAS (At Least 3 Years)
ABV: Unknown (My guess: 43%)
Date: 19/04/2013

Colour: Light Golden

Nose: Light but Sharp Nose with some initial Fruit. Think of Lemon and Melon. But this fades away really quickly and usual suspects such as  Slightly Harsh Grain Alcohol and Green Oak appear on stage accompanied by some Buttered Toast and Margarine, Nuts, Malt and Minerals. Nothing of interest going on here. Being slightly bored with this Blend I farted just once for scientific reasons and indeed the Nose improved. Will add a point for that.

Palate: Yummy! Varnish with Wood-Spice flavour! Well, maybe a bit of Oak, Menthol, Sugar, Shoe-Polish and Licorice as well. If all whisky was named after Kings and Queens I would seriously consider finding some other hobby! 

Finish: Short and Bitter-Sweet with Licorice, Sugar, Pepper and Grain. Alcohol Bite right at the end.

I successfully resisted the urge to throw in a full glass of Water to end my misery but dutifully I added a couple of drops only. It actually softens up the Nose a bit but Green Wood and Grain take over completely. Palate and Finish however become a polluted sea, full of Squids stuffed with Licorice. 

Rating: 66

Nose: 17 - Taste: 16 - Finish: 16.5  - Overall: 16.5

General Remarks: The whisky I'm tasting today is part of a box containing six Blended Scotch Whisky samples produced somewhere between 1955 and 1980. They are all named after English and Scottish royalties. This box-set is sold by the Dutch based Rare Whisky Site (www.rarewhiskysite.com.) The Queen of Scotland is still for sale at around 80 US Dollars. 

Drinking Experience Neat: Unpleasant

Conclusion: I'm thoroughly disappointed by the Queen of Scotland! Lots of people say that Blends were much better in the old days. That may be the case but I didn't find them in this Royal Box (so far at least). Long Live The Republic!

Jan van den Ende                                                                           April 2013

Me During Tasting!

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