Mackmyra Bjorksav

“Green Green Grass of Home”

Whisky Review # 993

Country: Sweden 🇸🇪
Region: Norrland
Brand: Mackmyra Bjorksav - Sasongswhisky Series - Limited Edition - 15000 Bottles
Type: Single Malt Whisky
Age: NAS
Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 46.1%
Maturation: Mixed Casks (See Conclusion)
Chill Filtration: No
Price Range: US$ 50-65 (June 2023)
Price/Quality Ratio: 👍
Buying Advice: 😉 Not for everyday but certainly nice to enjoy once in a while

Colour: Golden Sunlight (Natural Colour)


I never have had the pleasure of tasting Birch Sap. But there is certainly a "Green" feeling to this Mackmyra. I also notice the presence of New Oak, probably Swedish in this case. The Nose is a mix of Sweet and Sour notes. It's like entering a Candy Shop in the middle of a forest. Fresh and Different! The Alcohol is noticeable but does not interfere with the Nosing procedures.

Main Aromas:

Barley Sugar, Vanilla, Honey,  Grass & Green Plants, Pine Resin, Yeast, Green Apple, Sour Berries like Gooseberries, Fruit-Flavored Candies (Melon, Strawberry, Lemon, Cherry), Forest Floor and Mint.
Supportive Aroma Accents:

Toffee, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Buttered Toast, Wax, Unripe Pear, Plum Wine, Fresh Herbs, Nectarine, Oak, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Aniseed and Varnish.


Fresh, Clean, Green and relatively Young. A mix of Bitter, Sweet, Sour and Mineral notes. Developing Dryness. It's different but certainly not unpleasant. The Alcohol is noticeable.

Main Flavours:

Barley Sugar, Vanilla, Butter, Pine Resin, Fruit-Flavored Candies (Strawberry, Green Apple, Melon, Lemon, Banana, Pear), Sour Berries, Grass & Green Plants, Forest Floor, Oak, Pepper, Ginger, Menthol and Mint.

Supportive Flavour Accents:

Honey, Caramel, Brown Sugar, Syrup, Dough, Yeast, Nectarine, Bitter Almonds, Milk Chocolate, Wet Pebbles, Green Herbs, Aniseed, Nutmeg, Cardamom and Varnish.


Middle-Long, Fresh, Light, Clean & Green. Sweet at first but with developing Bitter notes towards the Dry end. The Alcohol remains noticeable. I find Barley Sugar, Vanilla, Butter, Fruit-Flavored Candies (Melon, Lemon, Pear, Green Apple), Honey, Grass and Green Plants, Sour Berries, Green Herbs, Wet Pebbles, Bitter Almonds, Oak, Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Aniseed, Menthol, Mint and Varnish.

Drinking Advice:

A little added water enhances the Barley & the Fruit on the Nose. The Alcohol fades away on the Palate and you get a lot of Menthol in the Finish. Nice to try it out both ways though.

Rating: 7.5 (*******1/2)

Nose: 7.5 - Taste: 7.5 - Finish: 7

*** Important Note with respect to Rating.

If the Final score is above 8 you can safely buy the whisky in question if and when it fits your Aroma/Flavor profile. If the score is between 6 and 8 you might want to try it out in the form of a sample or if offered at a good price. Anything below 6 should be left alone when you are looking for a nice sipping whisky. You might still like it of course & I realize pricing is an important item for many whisky fans especially when you are used to enjoy whisky in a cocktail or a mixed drink.

Drinking Experience Neat: Good and certainly different.


The Bjorksav (Birch Sap) was released in the spring of 2021. It matures in a mix of Ex-Bourbon casks (30%),Oloroso-Seasoned American Oak (24%) and Birch Sap- Seasoned Swedish (8%) and American Oak (20%). The remaining 18% is Whisky aged in non-specified other types of Seasoned casks. The casks vary in size as well. The Bjorksav was inspired by the long-awaited return of Spring. The Birch sap can only be harvested in the beginning of the Spring to avoid Bitterness. Mackmyra uses Birch Wine from local producer Grythyttan owned and run by the brothers Per and Ingunn who seek to highlight the taste of the Nordic forests.

This is most certainly the "greenest" Whisky I have tasted so far. Mackmyra has put a lot of effort in assembling this Single Malt and the result is certainly worth the try. I can imagine enjoying this on sunny days in the garden. It's quite different when compared to your average Scotch Single Malt & it might not be to everyone's liking. I would certainly advise you to try a sample first before buying a full bottle. But fortune favors the brave and as such Mackmyra's future looks sunny. Just like this Bjorksav.


Jan van den Ende                                                                           June 20, 2023

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