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Bowmore 18 Years Review

Country: Scotland
Brand: Bowmore
Type: Single Malt Whisky
Region: Islands (Islay)
Age: 18 Years
Alcohol: 43%

Colour: Mahogany (Contains added Caramel for colouring)

Nose: Delicate. Peat and Leather. Dried Fruits like Plums but there’s Lemon as well. Hints of Salt and Smoke.
After a while some Malt, Heather and Butter are coming through. And all the time there’s a faint Sherry like sweetness. The nose of the 12 Year is quite overwhelming but the 18 year is much more settled and ripe. Hardly any Wood which is remarkable for its age. Quite Nice.

Taste: The delivery is very smooth and slightly watery for a 43%. I think this expression should be bottled at 46%. Chocolate, Plums, Nuts. Sherried Peat Smoke in the background. Again hardly any Wood and very little Spices. The Peat is still there. Light Ashes. Well balanced.

Finish: Some Toffee is there, as well as slightly bitter Orange Marmalade. Some Wet Earth after a few minutes. After about 10 minutes it felt like having eaten a thin slice of Smoked Ham. I’ve added half a point to the finish for that. Remarkable!  

Rating:  87.5

Nose: 23 - Taste: 22 – Finish: 21 – Overall: 21,5

General Remarks:  Bowmore is owned by Suntory Ltd from Japan, This company also owns Auchentoshan in the Lowlands and GlenGarioch in the Highlands.
The Single Malts from Islay are dried with Peat. Peat is a partially carbonised substance that consists of a.o. grasses, moss, heather, pine needles and seaweed. The Bowmore 18 ages in Oak casks but there's this hint of Sherried sweetness that combines so well with the other flavours.
I added a teaspoon of water that brought more Peat, dried fruits (Plums and Lime) and Malt to the nose and Toffee or Butterscotch to the palate. I prefer it neat but you can certainly add a bit of water to this spirit.

Drinking Experience Neat: Very Good

Conclusion: The 12 year Enigma to me was like a cigar-smoking student. Rough and full of fun. The 18-year is more like a retired London banker having his dram in a leather upholstery chair in his club. I think you get the picture. Both are very good Single Malts and they both have the peaty light smoke distillery character from Bowmore. I have a light preference for the student. But it’s a close finish!

Jan van den Ende                                                             November 4, 2011