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Canadian Mist Review

Country: Canada
Brand: Canadian Mist
Type: Blended Canadian Whisky
Age: NAS
ABV: 40%
Date: 23/11/2012

Colour: Pale Amber

Nose: Rather subdued but not unpleasant Nose with some Malt, Grain (Toast), Orange Peel, Bourbon, Rye Spices, Oak, Prunes, Vanilla, Red Grapes, Caramel and Apple. Less Alcohol then I expected.

Taste: Rather Thin and Sweet delivery with Caramel/Toffee, Rye Spices, Orange Peel, Oak and Pepper.

Finish: Short with Toffee, Pepper, Grain and Citrus. Dry, Spicy and slightly Bitter.

I added a few drops of Water and it reinforces the Grain, Vanilla, Caramel and Orange a bit. But Palate and Finish do not benefit from Water. Better have it neat if you must. In practise, most people use the Canadian Mist only as a basis for Cocktails. 

Rating: 80 (out of 100)
Nose:  21 - Taste: 20 - Finish: 19 - Overall: 20

General Remarks: Triple-Distilled Canadian Mist is one of the most popular whiskies in Canada and was first launched in the sixties. Nowadays, it is distilled from Corn, Rye and Malted Barley at the Canadian Mist Distillery in Collingwood, Ontario. The water is sourced from the Georgian Bay. The whisky matures in charred White Oak Barrels, most likely for around 3 years. The Brand is owned by Brown Forman from Louisville. The presentation and bottle are very nice.

Drinking Experience Neat: Okay/Good

Conclusion: The Nose is certainly the better part of the Canadian Mist. The Palate is not very complex and the Finish is short and forgettable. It's sweet and light and therefore a good basis for Cocktails. It's quite drinkable but not really interesting enough to sip neat.

 Jan van den Ende                                                          November 2012