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Clan MacGregor Review

Country: Scotland
Brand: Clan MacGregor
Type: Blended Scotch Whisky
Age: NAS (probably 3 Years)
Alcohol: 40%

Colour: Golden Sunlight  

Nose: Light. I get lots of Grain and slightly Sharp Alcohol, the usual suspects in a Bottom Shelf Blended Scotch. I also find a little Grass and Straw, Dried Fruit, Toasted Nuts, Young Green Branches, Brown Sugar, light Spices, a touch of Honey and some Caramel. When nosing the empty glass later on I was quite surprised to find Floral Tones and a bit of Fruit (Peach or Apricot).

Palate: Watery, Sugary Sweet and Hot with Grains, young Oak, Nut Shells, Pine, Grass, Dried Fruit, Toffee, light Vanilla and Pepper.

Finish: Short, Sweet and Hot with Grains, Sugar, light Oak, Toffee and Pepper.

With a bit of Water, the Alcohol retreats somewhat on the Nose. On the Palate I get a bit of Dried Apricot as well. But the Blend becomes too Thin and starts to smell and taste like a flavoured Vodka.

Rating: 70

Nose: 18 – Taste: 17.5 – Finish: 17 – Overall: 17.5

General Remarks: According to the packaging, the real life Clan MacGregor has a renowned history dating back to the 14th Century. The bottle includes The Lion's Head, the personal crest of the 24th Clan Chief , Sir Gregor MacGregor. This Whisky is blended and bottled by Alexander MacGregor & Company of Glasgow. It is a Blend of 15 Malt Whiskies and selected Grain Whiskies. It is said that the Kininvie Distillery, located in the backyard of The Balvenie, is the main Malt used in Clan MacGregor. This Blend is very cheap. Prices vary between 15 and 20 US Dollars.

Drinking Experience Neat: Below Average

Drinking Experience On The Rocks: Thin but Drinkable. If you want, you could consider giving it a bit of a face lift by mixing in a Smoky Blend like JW Black.

Conclusion: The Clan MacGregor Blend does not give us many interesting Aromas and Flavours. No irritating off-notes as well. The Nose is quite acceptable given the low price and it's a pity that the Fruity Speyside tones I found when I nosed the empty glass are overpowered by the other Aromas when your glass is filled. But on the Palate and in the Short Finish the Clan MacGregor underperforms. It's basically a Watery mixture of Grain, Sugar and Pepper. I've said it before and I will say it again. At this price level it's better to drink a Standard Bourbon.  

Jan van den Ende                                                               January 27, 2014