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Hankey Bannister Review

Country: Scotland 
Brand: Hankey Bannister Original
Type: Blended Scotch Whisky
Age: NAS (My guess: 3-5 Years)
ABV: 40 %

Colour: Dark Amber 

Nose: The familiar young Grain Alcohol welcomes us right from the start accompanied by Green Wood, light Malt, Brown Sugar, Grapefruit, Nuts and Sultanas, Orange Peel, Alcohol, some Wood Spice, a touch of Sherry and a hint of Pineapple (Juice). The Aroma is Slightly Bitter. I suspect the presence of some Sulphur as well. 

Palate: Sweet at first with Toffee/Caramel, light Vanilla and Honey but more Bitter towards the end with Cereals, Wood Spice and Oak. Quite simple but better than expected.

Finish: Short and Sugary Sweet with Caramel, Cinnamon, light Vanilla, Cereals and light Pepper.

With a bit of Water, the Nose becomes very light but, and that's a surprise, shows some Fruity tones. Palate and Finish become Bitter-Sweet with Grains, Sugar, Oak and Wood Spice fighting for the lead. My advise is to drink this Hankey Bannister on the Rocks! 

Rating: 75

Nose: 18.5 - Taste: 19.5  - Finish: 18 - Overall: 19

General Remarks: This Blended Scotch Whisky is distilled, blended and bottled for Hankey Bannister & Co. Rumour has it that the company was founded in London in 1757 by Beaumont Hankey and Hugh Bannister. I take it they were wine merchants at first as Blended Whisky was not sold until around 1860. Among their famous clients supposedly were the Prince Regent William IV, George V, the Duke of Norfolk and, in the 20th century, Sir Winston Churchill. The Blend name is owned at the moment by Inver House Distillers. At the heart of the Blend are Single Malts (around 30%) from the Highlands/Speyside such as Balblair, Knockdhu, Balmenach, Pulteney and Speyburn  and Grain Whisky (around 70%), mostly from North British and Port Dundas. Next to the NAS original, the company offers the 12 Year old Regency, the 21 Year old Partners Reserve, the 25 Years and the 40 Years. The Original is not expensive at around 20 US Dollars or even less.

Drinking Experience Neat: Average/Okay

Drinking Experience on the Rocks: Okay

Conclusion: This is a cheap Blend but it's slightly better than many of its better known competitors such as Dewar's White Label, Vat 69, Bell's, Ballantine's Finest and Black & White just to name a few. Of course you can't expect the world for 20 US Dollars but it's a good alternative for JW Red as a party/mixing Whisky. I had it On The Rocks a few times and it's drinkable, especially when you pour a shot of Ardbeg or something similar. Cheers!

Jan van den Ende                                                                  June 22, 2013