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Maker's Mark Review

Country: USA
Brand: Maker’s Mark
Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 
Age: Unspecified but said to be around 6 years.
Alcohol: 45%

Colour: Golden/Light Amber (Artificially Coloured)

Nose: Sweet Corn, Grain, Malt, Resin, Caramel, Toffee, Vanilla, Honey, Brown Sugar, Fresh Pastry filled with Peach Jam, light Citrus, Cinnamon, Charred Oak and Leather. All quite well balanced and pleasant. 

Taste: Sweet with a few Sour notes as well for balance. After the first medium “Smoky Burn”, a Vanilla bomb (not unlike Creme-Brulee) explodes in the mouth accompanied by Caramel, some Spices (Ginger and Cinnamon), Plums, Cherries, Pear, light Citrus, Charred Oak, Leather, Sweet Corn and Malt. Well-Balanced!

Finish: Medium-Long with Sweet Corn, Caramel, Charred Oak, light Cinnamon, Ginger, Pepper, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla, Butterscotch and a slightly nutty dry bitterness towards the end. The Alcohol is noticeable at this point.

I added a few drops of water to the Bourbon but that was not a good idea. Drink it neat or on the Rocks!

Rating: 82.5 

Nose: 21.5 – Taste: 20.5 – Finish: 20 – Overall: 20.5

General Remarks: Maker's Mark is America's only handmade Bourbon Whisky never mass produced. Each individual batch is less than 19 barrels. The Maker's Mark distillery is located near Loretto in Kentucky. It still uses the Sour Mash method where they start each new batch fermentation by using a little of the last. This results in a more consistent final product. They also rotate the barrels during the seasons for the same purpose. The Mash-Bill contains Corn (70%), natural Malted Barley (14%) and Red Winter Wheat (16%) rather than Rye to obtain a Sweeter and slightly Softer profile. It is usually priced between 25 and 35 US Dollars (February 2017). Great Value for Money!  

Drinking Experience Neat: Good

Drinking Experience on the Rocks: Good

Conclusion: I believe this was the first Bourbon I ever tasted and I still have a little weakness for Maker's Mark 90 Proof. It smells Sweet and Lovely and it's very easy-going and yummy on the Palate. Nice Balance! The Finish could be a little Longer but considering the very reasonable price it will always remain one of my to-go-to Bourbons. If you never had Maker's Mark be sure to give it a try soon!

Jan van den Ende            August 28, 2011 + February 1, 2017 + June 13, 2017