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Neil Young - After the Gold Rush (1970) - Review

Songs: Tell Me Why, After the Gold Rush, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Southern Man, Till the Morning Comes, Oh Lonesome Me, Don´t Let It Bring You Down, Birds, When You dance (I Can Really Love), I Believe In You, Cripple Creek Ferry.

Type of Music: Early Seventies Folk/Country/Hippie Rock

After having recorded Deja Vu with colleagues Crosby, Stills & Nash, Neil Young went back to the studio to record his third solo Album “ After the Gold Rush “. Many people complain about Neil´s whiny out of tune voice here as well as the sloppy playing. Well in my opinion these are Neil´s Trade-Marks. I know his guitar playing and singing are not the best in the world from a technical point of view but it´s his style and it´s unique.
After the Gold Rush is certainly one of his better efforts. Neil wrote 10 of the 11 songs on the Album while he renders a nice version of Don Gibson´s country classic Oh Lonesome Me. Two of Neil´s compositions namely the tender Till The Morning Comes and the playful Cripple Creek Ferry are simply too short and leave the listener slightly unsatisfied and wanting for more. But the remaining eight songs are all classic Neil Young. His backing band Crazy Horse shines on the strong Country Rocker When You Dance and the anti-racism inspired Southern Man. Obviously, this song was not well received in Dixieland and four years later Lynyrd Skynyrd replied with “ Sweet Home Alabama”. There are also beautiful ballads like Tell Me Why, Only Love Can Break Your Heart  and Birds.
A very powerful album that should be part of anybody´s collection of Rock Music despite the extensive air-play that most of the music on the album gets on Classic Rock Radio. It´s also a pity that the Sound-Quality of the regular CD leaves a lot to desire. Look for the Remastered Version instead.

Who should buy this Record: Everybody.

Rating: ********* (9 out of 10)
Black = Good Songs
Green = Great Songs
Red = Could Be Better

Neil Young - Neil Young - Review

Neil Young - Neil Young - 1969

Songs: The Emperor of Wyoming, The Loner, If I could have her tonight
I´ve been waiting for you, The Old Laughing Lady, String Quartet from Whiskey Boot Hill, Here we are in the Years, What did you do to my life
I´ve loved her so long, The last trip to Tulsa.  

Type of Music: Late Sixties Folk/Country Rock

Somewhat incoherent debut effort from Singer Songwriter Neil Young , more or less in line with his earlier work with Buffalo Springfield. It´s a bit of everything on this album. You will find Country, Folk, Country Rock and sometimes even a dash of Psychedelic influences. And the almost Gospel-Like female background vocals on some of the songs show that Neil is not afraid to be called eclectic. After more than 40 years of Neil´s career we all know that to be true!!   
This album is not really bad but certainly not essential. It did gave us one early Neil Young Semi-Classic with The Loner. Special attention as well for The Old Laughing Lady.

Rating: ******(6 out of 10)

Black = Good Songs
Green = Great Songs
Red = Could Be Better

Who should buy this Record: Only for Hard Core Neil Young Fans