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Oban 14 Years Review

Country: Scotland 
Region: Highland (West)
Brand: Oban
Type: Single Malt Whisky
Age: 14 Years
ABV:  43 %

Colour: Golden

Nose: Give the Oban ample time to open up. Initially I get Malt -, Earth - and Farm aromas like Grains, Hay, Grass, Heather, light Peat and Butter. All covered with a fine film of Salt and distant impressions of Brine and Tar. Later on I find Mineral tones, Oak, Orange Liqueur, Well-Integrated Sherry, Lemon, Honey, Leather and Sweet Fruits like Pear and Peach. But be patient as many of the individual flavours will only present themselves after quite a while.

Palate: Slightly Thin and Bitter-Sweet delivery with Citrus, Oak, Malt, Pepper, Toffee, Tobacco, Honey, Aniseed, Menthol and Licorice.

Finish: Medium Dry and on the short side with Licorice, Pepper, Nuts, Leather, Honey, a bit of Fruit and Ashes and a pinch of Salt. 

I added a bit of Water and the Nose of this dram seems to relax if you can say that about Whisky. If not, I have just invented that! The Grain, Flora and Fruit come together in a subdued but balanced fashion. On the Palate I do get some extra Marzipan and Chocolate but in general things water down too much for my liking. However, it's certainly worthwhile to experiment with a couple of drops.

Rating: 82.5

Nose:  21.5 - Taste: 20.5- Finish: 20 - Overall: 20.5

General Remarks: The Oban distillery is one of the smallest in Scotland and was founded in 1794. It is located in the seaport of the same name on the frontier between the Western Highlands and the Isles. This is where Peat and Heather meet Salt and Seaweed! Oban is now owned by the Diageo Group and the 14 Years is part of the Classic Malt series. In the old days, lots of Oban spirit used to disappear in Blends like Bell's. The 14 Years is sold at around 60 US Dollars. One of the reasons for the high price seems to be the limited water supply to the distillery from Loch Gleann and Loch Bhearraidh. Another one is that the Distillery can't expand as it's located in the middle of the town and completely surrounded by other buildings.

Drinking Experience Neat: Good

Conclusion: I like the Nose of the Oban 14. The distillery is located in the small seaport of Oban on the border between the Western Highlands and the Isles. And you can find evidence of all these regions on the Nose, albeit in a subdued manner. But on the Palate I find this dram a bit too Herbal while the Finish is saved from being rather unnoticeable by a last minute appearance of Ashes. It's certainly worthwhile to taste this whisky via sample or miniature. And it's not at all a bad Highlander. But I wouldn't spend an average 60 US Dollars on a full bottle of the Oban 14. That's simply too expensive for what it offers.

Jan van den Ende                                                                       April 2, 2013