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Old Ville Review

“I’ll Stick To Caipirinha”
Country: Brazil
Region: Sao Paulo State
Brand: Old Ville
Type: Whisky Drink
Age: NAS
ABV: 36%
Chill-Filtration: Yes  
Buying Advice: If you are a regular drinker of "Brazilian" Whisky, you might give this a try. Global Whisky lovers should stay away from this. 
Whisky Review # 572

Colour: Deep Copper (Artificially Coloured)   

Nose: To be honest I thought it would be worse. It's quite Thin and the Sugar Cane Alcohol rules. There's not much else actually. I find a bit of Burnt Toast, Sugar, Nut Shells, Refill Oak and mere hints of Treacle, Wood Spice, Toasted Cereals and Cooked Apples. I'm really trying but I can't make much more of it. It's not really unpleasant mind you, there's just not much there. It's almost like there's a ghost in your glass. You think you smell something and then it's gone again. Still, for 8 US Dollars a bottle you can't put your hopes up too high can't you!

Taste: Not exactly pleasant but again I was expecting much worse. It's very Thin, Watery, Bitter-Sweet and a little Sharp with Alcohol, Sugar, Burnt Toast, light Toffee, Wood Pellets, Nut Shells, Licorice and Pepper.

Finish: Short, a little Sharp and Bitter Sweet with Sugar, Alcohol, light Toffee, Burnt Toast, Nut Shells, Wood Pellets, Licorice and Pepper. Quite Dry in the end. The slightly Hot and Sharp Alcohol stays with you for a while.

Added Water eases the Sharp Alcohol somewhat but otherwise the Old Ville becomes too Thin.

Rating: 65

Nose: 17 - Taste: 16 - Finish: 16 - Overall: 16

General Remarks: Old Ville is a Whisky Drink produced from a mixture of Water,
Industrial Alcohol distilled from Sugar Cane, Malt Whisky and Oak Extract. The latter is a natural product that provides Spirits and Wines with Oak Aromas and Flavours. Old Ville is produced at Industria de Bebidas Pirassununga Ltda in the city of Pirassununga in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo. This company was founded in 1921 and also produces Cachaca, Vodka as well as Energy Drinks. 

Old Ville isn't a Blended Whisky by law. The packaging does not show where the Malt Whisky used in this mixture was produced. The ABV is below the required 40%. The mixture probably matured for 1-2 years. It's cheap at an average 8 US Dollars (November 2016). 

Drinking Experience both Neat and on the Rocks: Below average. Better than expected however given its very low price.

Conclusion: Most of you know by now that I mainly use samples and miniatures for my Tasting sessions. I collect the miniature bottles and guard them in a nice cabinet. To give them a little more "life", I refill them with cheap local Whisky. So that's why I bought a bottle of the Old Ville as I have bought bottles of quite similar stuff in the past. These locally blended Whiskies or Whisky drinks are indeed very cheap and in today's Whisky world you can't expect miracles at this level. So I was really worried what lay in store for me as I opened the bottle of Old Ville. But in all honesty it wasn't that bad. There are no delicious Aromas and Flavours to be found but it also doesn't smell and taste like Lamp Oil like some of those I have tasted before. The Old Ville is ruled by Alcohol, Burnt Toast, Sugar, Wood Pellets, Licorice and Wood Spice. It's Bitter-Sweet and a little Sharp, especially in the Finish. The Old Ville is not really a Whisky and not only according to the law. But I've nosed and tasted far worse Spirits at this price level!

Jan van den Ende                                                               November 7, 2016