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Scapa 16 Years Review

Country: Scotland
Brand: Scapa
Type: Single Malt Whisky
Region: Highland - Orkney
Age: 16 Years 
ABV: 40%

Colour: Bright Yellow Gold

Nose: Light but agreeable. Immediately I get Butterscotch, Straw, Apricot Marmalade, Oak, Orange Peel, Malt, Heather and Vanilla- flavoured Biscuits. Traces of Brine and Peach. I had expected a more coastal feel to the Nose but it's hardly there. This Scapa is made with unpeated Barley of course but after 16 years of storage, presumably on Orkney, I would have liked to find a stronger presence of the location. It's pleasant enough though and quite inoffensive.

Taste: Smooth and Sweet. Hardly any Alcohol. Quite Floral with Heather and Honey, Caramel, Oak, Vanilla and light Spices (Cloves).

Finish: Middle Long and quickly becoming Dry with Oak, Vanilla, Spices, Caramel and Cocoa-Butter.

I added a few drops of Water and you get more Butterscotch, Heather and some Bananas on the Nose. But at 40%, the Water does not add anything to Palate and Finish. It's a crying shame that Single Malts like this are not bottled at 46%. 

Rating:  85.5 

Nose: 22 - Taste: 21.5 - Finish: 20.5 - Overall: 21.5

General Remarks: The Scapa 16 years was relaunched in 2008 to replace the very popular 14 Years. It's distilled from unpeated malted Barley and matured in First Fill Bourbon Casks. It is chill-filtered. It's not cheap at around 70 Dollars. The Distillery, located on the Isle of Orkney off the North-Eastern coast of Scotland, is owned by Pernod Ricard/Chivas. 

Drinking Experience Neat: Good

Conclusion: I believe that this could have a been a great whisky! With a little bit more Brine, Sea Air, Seaweed and whatever else you experience when you live on the coast plus a touch of Peat-Smoke this could have been splendid. And it should have been bottled at 46% of course and should have been Non Chill-Filtered to preserve more of the Distillery Character. Unfortunately, all of this is not the case and instead you get loads of Butterscotch, Honey and Heather. Don't get me wrong, it's still a very nice whisky and many people will love the smooth and easy going Palate. But it's a bit of a One Trick Pony in the end. The Scapa Distillery is capable of much more in my opinion.

Jan van den Ende                                                              November 18, 2012