Whisky, Water and Ice

Whisky Water and Ice.
First of all let me say that you should drink your whisky the way you like it best! It's like with wine. What law says you should drink red wine with red meat? If you prefer white wine or beer or milk to accompany your steak that's fine. The only thing that you could say is that a lot of people like to drink red wine with red meat. And dry white wine with fish. And sweet wine with your desert.  But in the end you decide!
In the case of drinking whisky however, it is always advisable to drink sufficient amounts of water as well to avoid dehydration, headache and hangovers! 
Another question all together is whether you should put water or ice in your whisky. Let's start with the ice. If you drink whisky because your girlfriend or boyfriend left you or any other reasons that might give you the blues it's better to drink your whisky with lots of ice! First of all that's less damaging to your health and secondly the ice helps to hide eventual deficiencies in the cheaper whisky. Because you don't open up an expensive Single Malt if you just want to forget!

On the other hand, when the weather is nice, you're outside and you take a little whisky as an appetizer you might consider to add a cube or two. Certainly refreshing! Lots of people from France and Italy drink their whiskies like that.
A little bit of ice or a small amount of still water will also help open up whiskies, particularly those that have a high volume of alcohol. Say Above 45% or 90 proof (USA). 
But be careful because a little too much can drown the whisky completely. It's a matter of experimenting I guess. Try a few drops first, taste and add some more if needed. 
When you really taste the whisky (for the sake of tasting and not for the sake of drinking) it's usually a good idea to add a couple of drops to be able to determine the effect. Does it bring more flavors to the nose? Does it take away a bit of the harsh alcohol or spices on the palate? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I usually prefer to drink the Single Malts and very good blends straight and the day to day blended whiskies or bourbons with a bit of ice. In the individual tasting notes you can always find what a bit of water does to the whisky. In the end however you decide what you like best. But don't be afraid to experiment. I'm sure there will be lots of people around the world that will drink their Johnny Walker Red Label or Jack Daniels on the rocks for all their lives and are perfectly happy. That might be the case but they do miss a lot!!



LggngCo.girl said...

Very good Jan, I liked the post, it was clarified when you drink whisky with water or ice. The question was answered!!! Kindly, Cinthia

Jan van den Ende said...

You're Welcome Cinthia! Glad you liked it. Just let me know if you have any other questions.