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Glenmorangie Milsean Review

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”

Country: Scotland
Region: Northern Highlands
Brand: Glenmorangie Milsean (Private Edition)
Type: Single Malt Whisky
Age: NAS
ABV: 46% 
Light Chill-Filtration: Yes 
Whisky Review # 612
Buying Advice: 😑  This is not my idea of a good Whisky. And it's way too expensive for Artificially Flavoured Candies. But that's just me!  

Colour: Full Gold with Red and Orange notes

Nose: Lighter than I had come to expect. Be sure to give the Milsean sufficient time in the glass. Initially I got some wafts of Varnish but they almost disappear with time. The Wine Finish is noticeable but the Ex-Bourbon casks have not been totally dominated. On the Nose the Milsean is indeed quite Sweet but the Sweetness comes across as slightly artificial. It does remind me a bit of the canned Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup that was served on birthday parties when I was a kid. The one that usually contained Pineapple, Pear, Melon, Grapes and Cherries. Additionally I get some Apple as well.

I also find Buttered Toast, Icing Sugar, Vanilla, Toffee/Butterscotch, Coconut, Rum soaked Raisins, Orange, Plum Jam, Red Wine, Cinnamon, Ginger, Sweet Barley, Blueberry Muffins, Mint and a few Floral and Green notes that I can't pin down exactly. 

Palate: Not quite as Sweet as I expected after the Nose. Oak, Spices and a few Sour notes come into play as well. It's actually a little Thin despite the good ABV. I find Tutti Frutti Bubblegum, Icing Sugar, Vanilla, Toffee, Rum soaked Raisins & Sultanas, Coconut, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Nectarine, Bourbon, Buttered Toast, Ginger, Pepper, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Aniseed, Menthol, Red Wine, Herbal Tea and a few Floral notes.  

Finish: Medium-Long. Very Sweet at first but quite Dry later on with a Metallic Off-Note and a rather unpleasant Woody Bitterness. This is easily the weakest part of this Malt. I find Honey, Icing Sugar, Strawberry Jam, Bourbon, Red Wine, Orange, light Pepper, Ginger, Clove, Menthol, Green Apple and hints of Tobacco and Herbal Tea.

I added a little Water and on the Nose I find Strawberry Candies, Fudge and Plum Jam. Palate and Finish become too Watery for my taste. Better sip it neat.

Rating: 81    

Nose: 21 - Taste: 20 - Finish: 19.5 - Overall: 20.5

General Remarks:

Glenmorangie was founded in 1843 and the production started in 1849. It was rebuilt in 1887 and was mothballed from 1931 to 1936. It is located in Tain in the Northern Highlands. Since 2004 it's in the hands of Moet Hennessy. The distillery was one of the first to experiment with different Cask Finishing. Today it's the 4th best selling Single Malt in the world.

The Milsean (Gaelic for Sweet Things) was launched late 2016 as the 7th release in the Private Edition series. The Spirit matured firstly in Ex-Bourbon casks before being finished for two-and-a-half years in 269 heavily toasted casks that previously matured Portuguese Red Douro Wine. The Private Edition series were created by Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie's director of distilling and whisky creation. With the Milsean he and his probable successor Brendan McCarron try to recreate the Aromas and Flavours that most of us will remember from the old-style Candy Shops. Label and Packaging are styled in the same fashion. It's not cheap for a NAS Single Malt with prices usually in the 100-120 US Dollar range (April 2017).
Drinking Experience Neat: Okay 

Conclusion: I like my Single Malt to be Well-Matured, Complex, Balanced with as much as possible Natural Aromas and Flavours and without any off notes. Unfortunately, the Milsean does not tick any of these boxes. There is a young feel to this Malt and the Red Wine Finish can't hide this fact. It's not at all a complex and balanced Whisky as its main drivers are Canned Fruit, Wood and Wood spice. It's all a bit Rough and Unfinished. The Aromas and Flavours seem artificial and there are a few unpleasant off-notes in the Finish. Does the Milsean remind me of a Candy Shop filled with Artificially flavoured Candies? Yes, it does. Is that my idea of a good Whisky? No it isn't.   

Jan van den Ende                                                                      April 20, 2017