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The International Whisky Festival 2011.

Whisky “mates” visit International Whisky Festival at The Hague

Peter van der Pol and Jan Bronkhorst, both followers of Jan’s Whisky Paradise, visited yesterday (Saturday, November 19) the afternoon session of this famous festival at The Grote Kerk at The Hague in the Netherlands.
On this 3-day festival, with about 500 visitors, most of the leading Dutch whisky importers presented more than a hundred whisky brands.
This festival is therefore a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a lot of Scottish and Irish single malts and many whiskies from other countries.
The admission fee included unlimited tastings, a Glencairn whisky tumbler and a catalogue of the festival with tasting notes.
Only for the more exclusive whiskies you had to pay additional “drams”, the local payment coin of the festival. 
Peter and I had a free admission as a member of the International Whisky Society. For further information see
We were practicing “tasting and nosing” during several hours and also visited  “Bourbon Street” where several American and Canadian whiskies could be tasted.
One of the highlights for us was a visit to “The Glenlivet Guardian Room”, only accessible to Glenlivet Guardians
The complete assortment of The Glenlivet Single Malts could be tasted for free. We tried the 18, 21 years and especially The Glenlivet XXV.
For me one of the finest of this festival. Amber colored, aromatic, creamy and very intense. Price in the shop about € 260! 
To give you an idea of this great festival and the wonderful afternoon we had, have a look at the pictures below.


Peter van der Pol and Jan Bronkhorst 

(Photos used by kind permission of Jan Bronkhorst and Peter van der Pol)